Tweet Cute

We have all been amused, entertained and fascinated by the brand conversations on Twitter. Here's a chance for you to experience what it feels like to be a social media manager and the thrill of going viral. Register to test your wit, and make your tweets lit!

  • No of rounds - 2

  • Participation Type- Individual

  • Event Type- Live Submission

  • Duration - 10+ 1 minutes for each round.

  1. One real tweet by a particular brand will be displayed on-screen, which will change with every round. Participants are required to answer to that tweet from the perspective of their assigned brand.

  2. Participants are expected to respond with a single tweet only.

  3. All the participants will be given one brand for each round. The difficulty level will increase with each round.

  4. After the main tweet is displayed, 30 seconds is given before the brand assigned is displayed. Participants will have 10 mins to frame a tweet.

  5. As soon as the tweet is displayed on the screen, a Google Form will be sent. Participants will have to click on the form and submit their answers.

  6. For the final round, participants will be required to submit their tweet on the Google Form AND tweet their submission on For this, they will be required to share their Twitter handle. If participants don’t have a handle, they will be required to create a Twitter account.

  7. They must mention the SCMC official account and hashtag #TweetCute2021 along with their tweet.


Did Ya Catch the Line: Ad Filmmaking

Diamonds are forever, and so are taglines – they are one of the most memorable parts of an advertisement. Test your skills as an ad film maker to create a short ad around a given lyrical tagline.

  • No. of Rounds- 1

  • Event Type - Pre-submission

  • Duration - 36  hour upon receipt of prompt

  • Participation - 4-6  per team

  1. The main purpose of video advertising is to gain the audience’s attention through the storyline, tagline, idea and relatability.

  2. Participants will be given song lyrics which will be used as the tagline for the advertisement. They will have to choose a product that is best suited to the lyrics and prepare an advertisement of 30-60 seconds.

  3. PLEASE NOTE: The product or service must be of an established brand

  4. The ad must be able to capture attention and generate interest through its visuals and content.

  5. The ad must be at least 30 seconds long and cannot exceed 60 seconds. If the ad crosses the 60-second-mark, points will be deducted for the subsequent 10 seconds.

  6. Participants can create a jingle but cannot have the same tune as the song from which the lyrics are taken.

  7. The advertisement can be shot remotely or through a video call. The advertisement cannot be animated.

  8. The ratio of the ad is 1920 x 1080 / 16:9 aspect ratio in horizontal style