Contestants will be invited onto a Zoom call individually where they need to read the text appearing on the screen in the form of teleprompter text. The twist? The sentences will have difficult words, tongue twisters and even elements of humor. All participants must deliver the news with a straight face and go through their piece flawlessly.

  • Participation Type - Individual

  • Event Type - Live event

  1. The text piece will be provided as soon as the contest starts.

  2. No trial rounds will be allowed.


Good Mooornin’ SCMC

If you saw Lage Raho Munna Bhai and tried the iconic "Good Morning Mumbai", here is your chance to showcase the RJ within you. Good Moooornin’ SCMC is all about finally putting your RJ skills to the test.

  • No of rounds - 1

  • Participation Type - Individual

  • Event Type- Live Event

  1. The contestants will be provided with an ample amount of information to work with, including 2-3 news headlines, plug pieces, advertisements, songs, jingles etc.

  2. Using the given information, the contestants will have to create a line-up of 1-2 minutes and then pretend to be RJs themselves and execute the line-up as if they are live on radio.

  3. Contestants should only make use of the information provided to create the line-up, and not add anything of their own

  4. The structure of presentation is up to the discretion of the participant.

  5. Five minutes will be allotted to create the lineup and execute it