Public Relations


Bolo Magar PR Se

"Crisis! Crisis! Crisis!"- Every PR professional has heard this on a fine Wednesday afternoon when their client brand gets involved in a controversy. ‘Bolo Magar PR Se’ brings you the opportunity to represent brands as their PR contact and change the course of the media winds in your favor amidst the crisis. Do you have what it takes?

  • No. of Rounds- 2 (Prelims, Finals)

  • Participation Type: Individual

  • Event Type: Prelims- Pre Submission | Finals- Live Event

  • Preparation time: 24 hrs

  1. Participants will be allotted the brand and the controversy surrounding it 24 hours prior to the event.

  2. The participant will be the PR manager of a brand. Participants will have to defend the steps taken by the brand with reasonable arguments.

  3. Participants will be allotted the brand and the controversy surrounding it 24 hours prior to the event.

  4. For the prelims, participants must pitch their solutions in a PPT format and upload on the Google Form on the Satrang Website. The best pitches will be selected for a live presentation on the day of the finals.

  5. For the finals, each participant will be given 5-7 minutes to present their arguments and defend their client. During this time, participants will also be cross-questioned.


The Great Campaign

Have you ever wondered what would have happen if Nike was a chain of fast food restaurants? Would their motto still be 'Just Do It' or would it be 'Just Eat It'? Well, ‘The Great Campaign’ brings to you the fine opportunity to handle all the campaigning needs of companies looking to change their field of business. Remember, the new fate of the company lies in your hands!

  • No. of Rounds: 1

  • Participation Type: Group (2-3 members)

  • Event Type: Live Event

  • Preparation time: 48 hours

  • Presentation time: 7-10 minutes

  1. As the brand's PR team, participants will have to come up with a unique strategy to achieve the brand's goal.

  2. Participants will be allotted a brand along with an objective 48 hours before the event. They will be required to come up with a detailed PR campaign.

  3. Each group will be given 7-10 minutes to present their ideas and can be cross-questioned.