Stage Na Milega Dobara: Improv

‘Ek minute, sirf ek minute hai tumhare paas'. No pre-decided format, no scripts, no method acting, no scene division; a form of theatre in which the characters, plot and dialogues are decided on the spot. Teams will be informed of the improv games on the spot.

  • No. of rounds - 3

  • Participation Type - Pair

  • Event Type - Live event

  • Duration - 4 mins  [1 mins (preparation) + 3 mins (performance)]

  1. Teams of two will participate in all the rounds. Only one team will be on screen during performance.

  2. The games for each improv round will be given on the spot.

  3. Profanity and obscenity must be avoided and will result in disqualification.

  4. Difficulty level increases with each round.

  5. Participants need to be at their funniest behaviour.


Mona darling, Acting kidhar hai?: Mono-Acting

What’s common between Mona Lisa and mono-acting? Well, there’s only one! Mono-acting is a form of theatre performed by a single actor, either portraying a single or multiple characters. If you think you can single-handedly get the audience’s attention with your powerful acting and script, then this is your chance.

  • No. of Rounds - 1

  • Participation Type - Individual

  • Event Type - Pre-submission

  • Duration - 3-6 minutes

  1. Participants are required to perform a solo act for a minimum of 3 minutes and maximum of 6 minutes. If they exceed the time limit, it would result in negative marking.

  2. Emotions to be portrayed in the monologue will be given four days before the performance submission date, but ONLY AFTER the script is submitted.

  3. Participants are required to submit their script 4 days prior to the event submission, else they stand disqualified.

  4. Props can be used to enhance the script and the same must be approved by SCMC. Props list can be sent along with the script.

  5. DO NOT attempt to mock/attack any religion/gender/community/caste or creed. Profanity and obscenity must be avoided. Those found in violation will be disqualified.

  6. Participants are not allowed to move out of the frame during the course of the performance.

  7. Usage of any external sources for background score/music is strictly prohibited.

  8. Video should be recorded ONLY in LANDSCAPE mode.

  9. During the submission of video, please make sure to mention the participant's name and the emotions that have been allotted.

  10. Participants should make sure the video is recorded in proper lighting conditions.


Ek Dil, Do Jaan: Duet Drama

Ek dil hai, do jaan hai, dono prompts pe qurbaan hai... A major element of theatre is scripting, and scripting with a prompt/theme sounds even more fun and challenging. What is theatre, if not sleepless nights spent scripting and sipping on coffee? Come join us for a thrilling theatre event and show us how you can convert your script into a thrilling performance!

  • No. of Rounds - 1

  • Participation Type- Pair

  • Event Type- Live Event

  • Duration - 4-6 mins (inclusive of 30 seconds for technical check)

  1. Participants will be given four themes to choose from, around which they will have to script a short play of not more than 6 minutes.

  2. The themes will be released 10 days in advance on the SCMC Satrang Instagram page- @satrang_scmc

  3. Two people will form a team and script a story that will be performed over a Zoom Link.

  4. The characters and plot must be written in a way in which they portray the theme. You will be judged on the basis of your script, acting, and accuracy of portrayal of theme.

  5. Profanity and obscenity must be avoided and will result in disqualification

  6. Discrimination on the basis of gender, class, caste, colour or religion will lead to disqualification.

  7. Background music, if used, shouldn’t extend for more than 1 minute collectively.

  8. The script must be original and not an adaptation.

  9. Go creative, go crazy - Genre no bar!

  10. Costumes should not be obscene or immodest. 

  11. Time limit-

  • 20 seconds will be given for sound check, any issues regarding the same should be conveyed then and there.

  • The buzzer would go off 3 times. First, to indicate the start of the play, second at 5 mins 40 seconds, and third, at 6 mins. Exceeding the time limit will result in negative marking.